Which branch of the bank will be my lending branch for WB Student Credit Card Loan Scheme ?

The answer I got from the government portal was :
You have to choose from the drop-down menu of the portal the bank branch of your choice within the district of your permanent residence.

But in actual the process is very different.
I have gone through this process. With my personal experience, I would like to add that the actual process is something else.
As mentioned, I and my friends had chosen the bank nearest to our surroundings but in my case, the SBI was not into the process. 
My friends applied for a different bank. 
After waiting for the confirmation email, we found that there are very few banks allowed for this process.

In the end, we were referred to the bank of their choice.
It may be because we were at the early stage and had not many options left.
But watching the progress to this I believe that everything will be sorted out.
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