Is Vidya Laxmi necessary for Student Credit Card Scheme in West Bengal?

In my case, it was a mandatory process.

Actually, all the bank has their own parameters. My loan process was through the Punjab National Bank.

Our PNB was strictly following state and central government. Their main aim was to get the loan sanctioned for the students.

Vidya Laxmi and Student Credit Card Scheme are two different schemes.

Most of the banks are asking for Vidya Laxmi and making it mandatory.

I guess there are 2 possible reasons for it :

Firstly, when we were referred to the bank at the very beginning the manager of PNB bank gave me one application form.

That form was issued by the bank and there was a mandatory field that states Application Id.

This application id can only be issued by filling the Vidya Laxmi application form.

The second reason would be for the fast approval of the loan.

The bank is under lots of pressure these days and they are trying their best to fulfill the need of each student.

Suppose the Student Credit card scheme gets rejected ( very rare case ) then you will have the second option left.

Most of the banks are following state government but PNB National Bank is following both state and central. 

But now The Department of Financial Services said that for every bank it's now mandatory to approve the education loan only through the NSDL portal.

Which in general means in the coming days all the banks will ask for Vidya Laxmi application details.

We hope that you find it helpful.

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