Can I buy laptop with my WB Student Credit Card Loan ?

Yes, you have the option to buy a laptop using your West Bengal credit card loan.

You may have heard the rumors of not getting the amount disbursed for the laptop price you mentioned.

It's a very general thing and has happened to my friend also. I was lucky in this case that I got my required amount.

This happens because currently, we are at the early stage of this process. The students who applied for this scheme were more than expected.

Now as time passes by, the process is gaining its speed and they are trying their best to do things more efficiently and effectively.

Also, limited banks are into this process and to meet the requirement of all the applicants they are sanctioning only your college fee amount.

To be sincere, it's quite hard for us to tell the exact answer to this question.

But I can suggest one good thing and that is when you are applying for the loan please do not mention more than 5-10 % of your extra amount after your college fee.

If your extra amount is less, comparatively you have the chance to get the required loan amount.

That's the only mistake they make. They show more amount and get only the tuition fee covered.

Currently getting a laptop from WB credit card is quite hard but in the future, this matter will definitely get solved.

Try to understand the situation and make wise decisions.

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